The Dodo Family

Without them I would have never come so far. Thank you for your unconditional love & support for my vision! 

Welcome to the Dodo Family where everone is incredible cool except of me we love the people we can laugh with and forget the world around us everything started with a dream and really good friends who believed the gold superb hoodie for the sustainable hoodie with extravaganz i will forever be a scout at heart sustainable doesn't mean boring navy blue hoodie always reminds me of paris and red lipsick so smart, so creative, so unique everyone of us is as long as we work and believe she is honestly nothing less but my sunshine she makes the darkest day light up in her bright orange savage hoodie its about the cold windey nights where you want to feel warm, comfortable and protected in a hoodie we can do great things if we support each other, sharing a dream just costs time and attention the absolut dream team in the pink synonym and the back scholz hoodie happiest in nature grey simple hoodie sustainable made out of 100 % lyocell she shines brighter than the stars in the bright orange savage hoodie there is great strengh in girl power girls need to supoort girls alwaysnothing is as powerful than true friendship we can build each other up forevereveryone keeps saying that balck and white are no colours but they are my favourite colours there are no boy colors there are no girl colors my personal favourite, the green sustainable hoodie because we love the nature and we're proud enough to admit it better together, everyone can decide for themselves what they want to wear, at the end of the day all that matters are that we are comfortable pink red we protect each other dodo family are you shining birght in an orange hoodie or du you prefer a cool white? Every piece is made out of 100 % lyocell why so serious? because we fight for the rights of others, we speak out for those who cant, with fair working wages and equal rights Our body's tell our story, our clothing  tell who we are. i love her tatoos in contrast to the white sincere hoodie black hoodie androgynous all black monochrome nachhaltig fair gold superb hoodie sustainable diversity dark grey selective sustainable and fair only pink sustainable hoddie synonym 100% lyocell suphisticated sustainable öoko clothing ethical clothing suphisticated androgynous clothing unisexsavage bright orange sustainable fashion dodo scholz fair fashion seductive red hoddie monochrome stiching red on red seductive hoodie blonde girl curls sustainablity is sexy