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The Story of the DODO SUIT

In his autumn-winter 1966 collection, Yves Saint Laurent presented his most iconic piece: the first tuxedo. 'Le Smoking' by Yves Saint Laurent. The first power suit with trousers. Since the Suit was originally reserved for men only, he offered a radical new style that perfectly underscored the more masculine, aggressive role that women assumed at that time. YSL's muse Violeta Sanchez said at the time that it was "something magic for women to take possession of the man's clothes and the freedom she gave her. It took her out of the place where she was perceived as hyper feminine and fragile.""

This ushered in a revolution in which something as aggressively masculine as a suit and black tie became a symbol of female emancipation.  

According to Business Insider, it was "disrespectful, daring to dress in men clothes suggesting their focus on feminist politics - wearing men clothes effectively demanded equality between men and women. "Wearing men's clothes really became a social statement that I want to put back to life in the form of expressive casual wear.

The actress Grace Jones was most clearly aware that the clothing and the appearance of the exterior can also be an underlining of a person's character traits. Grace Jones, who exuded an aggressive kind of femininity. With her flat hair, strong contours, and muscular physique, she walked the line of androgyne perfectly. Her partner Jean-Paul Goude told People:  "Men find her sexy. Women think she's a little male, and gays think  she's a drag  queen.

Jones, with her androgynousness, was an important symbol of feminism. She vociferously expressed the feeling of being like a man and a woman, and she didn't have to rely on anyone but herself. Vogue  shared an excerpt from her memoir, in which she wrote: "I never ask for anything in a relationship. I have a very  strong male side that I have developed to protect my female side. If I want a diamond necklace, I can go and buy a diamond necklace. "She not only questioned the cultural idea of femininity, but also protected her power by living androgynous. 

Can an outfit give a woman strength? Giving women a dominant and dynamic look has always been the idea behind the power suit. It exudes confidence.

Women are beginning to find that fashion can encourage men to pay more attention to the seduction of their mental abilities than to the physical attraction of their appearance.

This developed in the 1980s after John T. Molloy's 1975 book Dress for Success, which was soon followed by a guide to professional dressing. They taught that, in order to be more equal, women would have to step away from feminine clothing that accentuated their natural characteristics. To achieve this look, box-shaped blazers were chosen, the female figures drowned out.

The idea was to replicate male fashion, which held many connotations such as strength and strength while feeding elements that remained feminine.

To this day, a woman in male clothing is perceived as demanding, intelligent, successful and independent.

The reason I wanted to create a boxy top in form of an oversized Hoddie with matching suit pants made out of 100% Lyocell. To create the modern power suit for everybody, prepared for life in the most comfortable, breathable, antibakteriel fabric, in vivid colors with a strong Statement. 


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