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The Sizes - A Rebellion Against Outdated Standards, a Statement for Diversity and Inclusivity

Size Zero, collections only for the clothing size S, racism, exclusion of certain types and the pressure for people worldwide to ideally match a certain beauty and figure - in the luxury fashion industry normality.

The biggest size is mostly XL and although it is 2020 and diversity is more than anything else in advertising as a marketing measure is addressed and presented, it does not matter in reality. Because if the biggest size of most designer XL is what feels more like M how can it be perceived as credible? How should people of all sizes feel valued and celebrated when they find nothing fashionable to wear? Oversized-a look so established and accepted but only for sizes M and S? We humans live by individuality and character we are all different and no one is equal. There are so many different shapes, sizes, figures, heights, latitudes - shouldn't we all have the opportunity to feel comfortable? To be able to relax in comfortable, wide pieces of clothing so that you can't see the 10 pieces of pizza?

Fashion should be made for everyone. Not only those who fit into the stereotype of a model that someone has ever imagined, but all of them. All those who have pleasure and fun on colors and shapes and patterns and cuts.

Of course, I understand the idea that models should act as coat hooks for fashion, but what would fashion be without the people who would wear them? What brings us the most beautiful clothes if no one wears them ? Nobody loves them? No one fills them out and experiences stories with them?

"I want people to live, laugh and most definitely eat in my clothes."

That's why you get every piece of my collection in XXS-XXXXXL, because everyone should have the opportunity to feel comfortable, everyone should have the opportunity to wear oversized if you want and everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves, feel empowered, live out their personality and make their personal share of eco-friendly fashion. Sustainability, social justice and global responsibility are a matter for all sizes.

To be the first brand on the clothing market that offers 10 different sizes. In order not to sell diversity, but to actively celebrate and live.

Each garment of any colour is offered by XXS-XXXXXL. Each model with his personal touch and individual expression.

The Model XXS is cut so that the length of the sweater ends at the waist. To offer a figure-focused variant for people who like to be comfortable and very sexy to the same.

Everyone should be there to find a size and a model in which they feel comfortable, and proud to express themselves self-confidently yet elegantly unobtrusively.

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  • Amelie am

    Finde ich echt cool von euch ich werde euch aufjedenfall unterstützen. Weiter so :)

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