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This name is a name without gender which was essential for the androgynous image of the brand. All the more beautiful that this name has great value for me personally.

There are only a few people who know me by this name, and that even just because they heard my family use it. It is a name that for me stands for my closest family, who have given me the greatest strength through their love and at the same time with whom I feel most vulnerable. My family knows me just as Much as I am in every detail, they know my whole story, they know me at my core, unmasked, unarticulated.

Dodo is the best version of ourselves: brave, strong, determined, creative, friendly, open, funny, hungry and cozy. The version of us that always eats ,because we only live once, likes to chill in a jogging suit on the couch and still wants to feel unique and beautiful.

Dodo is the person I want to be, to which I work to be, and who is sometimes a lot braver than me.

With this authenticity and in this consciousness as a basis, I wanted to build this brand. Fighting with passion for a future in fashion is as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful.

And it is precisely this honesty and the courage to be 100% myself that I want to bring into my brand Dodo, the person we are all in our hearts. Not the cleared, sub-cooled, unapproachable facade that we so often present to the world to protect the core.

I want to collapse this facade, show what is important to me and communicate myself. I want to be brave and believe.

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