The term "monochrome" comes from Greek and means tone in tone. It is mainly used in painting, photography and of course fashion. Monochrome styling...

    The concept of androgynity -People are different. Boys and girls are different. There are many differences between us, both physical and personalit...

    The reason I wanted to create a boxy top in form of an oversized Hoddie with matching suit pants made out of 100% Lyocell. To create the modern power suit for everybody, prepared for life in the most comfortable, breathable, antibakteriel fabric, in vivid colors with a strong Statement. 



    Chanel said: "I gave women a sense of freedom. I gave them back their bodies: because you don't have to present your body in a curved way to look feminine. Chanel embodied the independent roles women wanted to enter by giving them the option of trousers and masculine silhouettes. Coco Chanel impersonated a new female role that is still alive today. Her designs were a symbol of the independent woman she was."