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The term "monochrome" comes from Greek and means tone in tone. It is mainly used in painting, photography and of course fashion. Monochrome styling refers to outfits that are either tone-on-tone with color gradations or completely reduced to a color with accessories.   Tone-on-tone looks have many advantages: they are uncomplicated, easy to style, stretch the silhouette and always look elegant. For monochrome looks, a decision has to be made: Should the entire outfit remaintrue toa certainhue? Or should multiple gradations of the same color coincide?  Anything beyond three tones can look visually restless. Mix different materials and cuts –...

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#androgynous #androgynousfashion

The concept of androgynity -People are different. Boys and girls are different. There are many differences between us, both physical and personality traits. However, there are still many stereotypes in our community or culture that we still have to live up to today. Boys should grow up male and girls female. The well-adjusted male should be independently aggressive and powerful. The well-adjusted female should be dependent, nurturing and uninterested in power. Since 1900, women in particular have been dissatisfied with the stresses that their stereotypical roles, alternatives to femininity and masculinity are proposed with new styles by Coco Chanel. Over...

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The reason I wanted to create a boxy top in form of an oversized Hoddie with matching suit pants made out of 100% Lyocell. To create the modern power suit for everybody, prepared for life in the most comfortable, breathable, antibakteriel fabric, in vivid colors with a strong Statement. 


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#androgynousfashion #cocochanel #collectionone

Chanel said: "I gave women a sense of freedom. I gave them back their bodies: because you don't have to present your body in a curved way to look feminine. Chanel embodied the independent roles women wanted to enter by giving them the option of trousers and masculine silhouettes. Coco Chanel impersonated a new female role that is still alive today. Her designs were a symbol of the independent woman she was."

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