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The term "monochrome" comes from Greek and means tone in tone. It is mainly used in painting, photography and of course fashion. Monochrome styling refers to outfits that are either tone-on-tone with color gradations or completely reduced to a color with accessories.  

Tone-on-tone looks have many advantages: they are uncomplicated, easy to style, stretch the silhouette and always look elegant. For monochrome looks, a decision has to be made: Should the entire outfit remaintrue toa certainhue? Or should multiple gradations of the same color coincide?  Anything beyond three tones can look visually restless.

Mix different materials and cuts – such as silk to knit and leather or wide, flowing silhouettes to body-emphasized – ensure that the tone-on-tone look becomes particularly exciting. But Generally speaking, a mix of materials such as silk to knit or leather helps to "arrange" the look, as well a s different fabric structures from flowing to rough. "

An optical order also creates the game with silhouettes. Tight turtleneck sweaters or blouses work particularly well with wide-cut jogging pants and oversized coats.

Bright pop colors, pastel or natural tones – the tone-on-tone look always works

Accessories may also fall in colour from the range. But accessories can also underline the strength of the color even  more. The more parts of the look in the same color, the stronger the statement.

But there is a new look, which is much more comfortable but no less important. The sweatsuit is the suit of everyday life. Monochrome combined with individual accessories personalized, one expresses its style even in your free time.

A suit tone in tone in the same shade has an incredible color that looks very strong.

I wanted to give people something matching, easy to throw on, comfortable yet stylish for almost any occaison. 


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